What Is the Best Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C serums are so good for your skin in so many different ways: anti-aging, lightening dark spots, firming skin, and giving your skin a nice glow. But what makes a Vitamin C serum the best Vitamin C serum?

There are four incredibly important things to consider before deciding if a Vitamin C serum is the best serum for you:

  • Ideal Type of Vitamin C

Vitamin C appears in skincare in different ways – is the serum formulated with the right type of Vitamin C?

  • Right pH

Another important thing about Vitamin C serums is that they need to be slightly acidic. The serum should be at the correct acidity for best results.

  • High Enough Concentration

The dose of Vitamin C matters, too. Some serums are formulated too low or too high.

  • No Filler Ingredients

Not having any filler ingredients makes sure your Vitamin C formula is as effective as it should be.

What Is the Right Type of Vitamin C?

If you look at your Vitamin C serum and see “L-Ascorbic Acid” then great. That’s the most potent kind of Vitamin C.

And the type that naturally exists in your skin. Studies have found that L-Ascorbic Acid is the best type of Vitamin C to use to replenish your skin’s Vitamin C levels for optimum anti-aging and skin-firming benefits. 

What Is the Correct pH for a Vitamin C Product?

Vitamin C requires the right acidity to work on your skin. A Vitamin C serum needs to be at pH 2.5-3.5 in order to stay effective. 

One way you can make sure Vitamin C stays at the right pH from the bottle to your face is to always apply it to dry skin. Applying Vitamin C serum to skin that’s still wet from water or your toner can raise the pH, making your Vitamin C less effective.

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What Is the Best Concentration of Vitamin C?

Too little Vitamin C is as good as no Vitamin C. However, too much Vitamin C can also be irritating for the skin. An ideal amount for L-Ascorbic Acid is 10-20%. 

This percentage is perfect for your skin to get all the benefits of Vitamin C: even skin tone, firmer skin, and fewer wrinkles.

What Else Does My Vitamin C Serum Need?

To be effective on the skin, a Vitamin C serum does not really need much other than two things: the right form of Vitamin C and water. iller ingredients do not serve any purpose in a skincare formula! 

Take Home Message

The best Vitamin C serum for dark spots, anti-aging, and fighting wrinkles depends on these important 4 factors. Your chosen Vitamin C serum should tick off all these boxes to help you get glowing, younger-looking skin!

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