Look Good Feel Good: Why Investing In Skincare Pays You Back

There’s great news for why investing in your skincare pays you back. Yes, pays you back. Not just because of the look good, feel good connection, but because women who take care of themselves actually earn more. It’s considered a “beauty premium.” And it has nothing to do with how naturally attractive you are.

A study found that well-groomed women make on average 20% more money — that’s even more than naturally attractive women. 

The Look Good Feel Good Connection

The “beauty premium” is not just about vanity. It can simply be about feeling prepared, confident, and ready to take on what the world has in store for you. When you look good, you feel good, you walk differently and talk differently as you enjoy being in your own skin.

How Looking Good Impacts 3 Areas of Life and Success

Look good, feel good, is more than just a saying. It impacts many areas of your life, from relationships to money and even influence. 

1 – Relationships 

Research has proven that attractive people are viewed as healthier. Looking attractive makes it easier to find a partner in life. And it also helps to keep your partner attracted and interested for years to come. It’s just biology.

In one study, that had 28,000 participants, 92% of men said it was ‘desirable/essential’ that their potential partner was good-looking. But there was no specific definition of what good-looking is. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2 – Influence 

Data shows that good looking people are more persuasive. They have the ability to influence others more and to influence a situation. So they get more from life. Part of it is that good looks make you perceived as more trustworthy. And whether or not you realize it, you’ve seen this play a role in politics – and studies have proven it. Good looking politicians get 20% more votes purely based on looks. 

A 2013 study sent out 10,000 resumes changing only the name, address, and photo to analyze the call-back rates. While the average call back rate was 30% of all resumes, well groomed women got invited for an interview 54% of the time, while attractive men got called back 47% of the time. 

3 – Money

Good looking faces tend to get promoted more. And earn more. Research shows that better looking people make 13% more on average versus equally qualified peers over the length of their career. That’s a lot of money in a 30-year career.

The typical lifetime earning difference between attractive and unattractive people is estimated at $230,000.

57% of hiring managers told NEWSWEEK that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job,  while more than 50% advised spending as much time and money on “making sure they look attractive” as on perfecting a résumé. 

Get the Look Good Feel Good Premium

The number of ways you can invest in your look good, feel good premium is endless. Clothing. Shoes. Hair and makeup. But one of the easiest ones is getting a daily skincare routine. A daily routine means that your skin will look good longer and pay you back.  

Invest in a Daily Skincare Routine

Here are the steps you need to start your skincare routine and reap the rewards.

There are 3 main steps to caring for your skin: prep, preserve and protect. Prepping cleans the skin and prepares it to receive the benefits of the next steps. Preserving means to hold on to the great qualities that your skin already has. And protecting is about keeping away additional damage to the skin. Below are the basic steps for a daily skincare routine. 

AM Routine

  • Cleanse. A morning cleanse helps remove any excess oils and prepare the skin to make the most of the following skincare ingredients. 
  • Antioxidant. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E fight against sun damage and environmental damage. Look for a vitamin C serum to not only fight damage but to also lighten and even out skin tone.
  • SPF. SPF is your main protector against sun damage. And 90% of all early signs of aging come from sun damage. Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 daily, rain or shine. 

PM Routine

  • Cleanse. Cleansing in the PM is a must. Never sleep with makeup, dirt, oils and SPF on your skin. It’s a recipe for disaster. All that buildup on your skin increases the chances of breakouts and also makes you look older.
  • Peptides/Retinoids. Retinoids do just about everything for skin. They reduce inflammation, increase the production of collagen and elastin, making your skin look fuller and younger. And they increase the rate of skin cell turnover, which makes the skin act younger. See peptides above.
  •  Moisturize. Finally, wrap up your evening routine with a high quality oil to lock in moisture and continue to protect the skin. Look for oils like marula, squalane, jojoba and argan.  

You may have been surprised to learn that there’s a real “beauty premium”. The best part about it is that you can take advantage of it. Look good, feel good go hand in hand towards building a rich life. And investing in your own “beauty premium” through skincare pays you back in more ways than one.

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