Dark Circles: Causes, Treatments, and Skincare Tips

Stubborn dark circles are so frustrating – concealer doesn’t seem to cover them, and they just don’t seem to fade away. When it comes to dark circles, the causes aren’t as obvious as you might think. However, once you understand where they come from, it’s easy to fade dark circles with the right skincare!

Dark Circles: Causes

Managing dark circles starts with understanding why and how they appear. Some of these causes of dark circles can be addressed with change in lifestyle habits and skincare! When it comes to dark circles, causes include:

  • Aging & slackening of skin
  • Lack of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Hemoglobin build up

How to Deal with Dark Circles

Some of the best skincare ingredients that you can reach for are peptides! Peptides are the building blocks of protein, which means they’re easily used by your skin.

The human body naturally uses peptides to communicate between cells, so using topical peptide skincare means that you’re able to add to some of this communication!

Peptides can communicate several important instructions to your skin that all contribute to reducing the appearance of dark spots. 

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Peptides Support Collagen

One scientifically-proven benefit of peptides is their ability to tell your skin to make more collagen. A common reason that dark circles appear prominent is due to a lack of collagen in the thin skin around your eyes. Fast fact: this is the thinnest skin on our entire bodies!

Telling your skin to make more collagen can increase skin density in this delicate area, making the skin slightly thicker so that darkness underneath the surface is much less visible. 

Peptides Increase Circulation

Dark circles can appear under eyes due to fluid build up. This most commonly happens when you don’t get enough sleep! Resting the eyes prevents liquids from pooling in the delicate eye area; this can include blood, which causes the visible dark shadows underneath your eyes. 

One benefit of peptides for skin is that they help to increase circulation, encouraging the area to drain away excess hemoglobin build up. This reduces the look of eye bags and dark circles caused by lack of sleep!

Dark Circles: Key Points

Dark circles are a common skin concern that can be tricky to deal with. The right skincare ingredients are a must-have for lightening these darker, shadowed areas of skin. Peptides work to tackle multiple causes of dark circles, making them an important part of any skincare routine to help lighten dark circles.

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