Can You Really Slow Down Skin Aging?

Like anything in life, the look and feel of our skin isn’t eternal. But can you really slow down the skin aging process?” The short answer is absolutely.

How Does Skin Aging Happen?

Studies show UV light causes 80-90% of photoaging, wrinkles, dark spots, and general loss of elasticity. Basically, this happens when the sunlight hits your skin, producing what’s called “free radicals” (aka “oxidants”).

Oxidants damage your skin cells’ DNA, limiting their ability to replicate themselves properly. Over time, the flawed regeneration of cells becomes visible from the outside.

What Can We Do to Defend Ourselves?

Of course, SPF is the first step. Applying it every day, even in the dead of winter and on the cloudiest of days, can work wonders to preserve your skin. But there’s more to it. We have to address the issue from all angles.

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We can counteract oxidants with antioxidants. At all times, our bodies carry a number of antioxidants. The most abundant of these is vitamin C. Your best bet in neutralizing free radicals is to supply your body with as many antioxidants, like vitamin C.

Aside from drinking your morning OJ, make sure you’re applying antioxidants directly to your skin for best success in slowing premature skin aging.

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And If The Sun Damage Already Happened?

You may already be seeing wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging. At this point, you need restorative ingredients like retinol and bakuchiol. They support skin cell turnover. So you can shed the damaged skin. And replace it with newer, better looking skin.

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The conclusion

Use both preventative and restorative products in your skincare routine to slow aging down. Sunscreen and Vitamin C will minimize sun damage, dark spots and premature wrinkles. While retinol and bakuchiol will improve the look of signs of aging already in place.

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