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AHA + BHA peel pads

For dark spots & pigmentation
For dark spots & pigmentation
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100-day money back-guarantee

Get a clear, even skin tone

Improves the appearance of pigmentation issues, signs of aging, and problem skin

Get a clear, even skin tone

Reduce dark spots & pigmentation

Brightens the skin adding a healthy glow. Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells affected by dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation.

AHA + BHA peel pads

For problem skin

With 20% concentration and 0.5% salicylic acid, the peel pads deliver rapid visible results, particularly to problem skin.

Easy to apply

Easy to apply

  1. Exfoliate on a clean face for a minute
  2. It will tingle. If you can, leave it on. If too strong, rinse off with water
  3. Follow with a moisturizer

How does Derma Made compare?

Derma Made Logo Other brands
Developed by board-certified dermatologists Yes No
Rated highly effective amongst customers Yes No
Concentrated active ingredients Yes No
Active ingredients backed by published research Yes No
100-day full money-back guarantee Yes No

What makes it special

Glycolic acid

Exfoliates to remove the top layer of dead skin that is affected by acne, dark spots, pigmentation and other signs of aging.

Salicylic acid

Penetrades into the pores to clear buildup clogging them

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What They Say

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"People tell me I have glowing skin. My complexion looks so much better when I use these pads. I love them, just for the glow :-)."
- Nancy (Derma Made customer)
Product review images
"These peel pads make my face pulsate. They are really strong. But I have to say, they rally work. A must have for dark spots and pigmentation issues."
- Megan (Derma Made customer)
Product review images
"The peel pads are awesome. I've been using them for sun damage. The dark areas on my cheeks have almost entirely faded out. My skin looks so much more even."
- Ariel (Derma Made customer)
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